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Thursday, 04 April 2013 10:17

School sport and PE to receive £150m boost

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SkillsActive supports the government announcement that school sport and PE are to benefit from £150m a year investment for the next two years.

The money will be given to primary schools and will significantly improve physical activity and sporting opportunities for Britain’s youngest pupils.  It is anticipated that the ring-fenced investment will inspire the next generation of children, allowing them to achieve more sporting success as part of the London 2012 legacy.

The introduction of tougher assessment on sports provision via Ofsted will ensure funding brings maximum benefit to pupils, and delivers an excellent opportunity to organisations with specialist physical activity and sport professionals, industry coaches and leaders. There is now a chance to increase the delivery by these coaches through working with head teachers and PE specialists to ensure the delivery of sports lessons.

This investment will bring significant economic value to the industry which helps to improve the levels of physical activity, health and well-being of the nation.  It also presents an opportunity for additional job creation including apprenticeships within the sector.

Long term health benefits

Ian Taylor, CEO SkillsActive said, “The investment by government is welcomed as it gives a much needed boost to our industry.  We must not forget the benefits to the economy of a fit and healthy nation, starting with children and teaching them healthy habits which are life long.

This enhances the independence and skills leadership role as we look forward to working with organisations and individuals who want to ensure they are equipped with the right skills to deliver on this strategy – particularly those whose employers are part of The Compass Association.

The sector and in particular, members of Compass as well as National Governing Bodies coaches, have an excellent opportunity to have a large impact on not only the health and well-being of the nation, but the opportunity to inspire future sporting stars. This is an opportunity we can ill afford to miss and we should make a concerted effort to be part of a step change in the way in which sport is delivered to young children.“

Martin Gallagher, CEO Compass Association stated,

“In the current economic climate, there is a tremendous opportunity for schools to increase the provision of sport for children.  The government are to be commended in taking this step; it has done a great job in finding this money. The long term benefits to health, physical activity engagement and participation in sport will be substantial. 

It is widely seen as a task for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to deliver additional sport in schools; however it must be noted that this is a unique opportunity for members of The Compass Association of sports and activity providers to engage with head teachers and primary schools.  We must not forget to look at the sustainability of the model, with careful consideration taken as to the long term provision of sport in schools once the investment ends.

More than sport 

This should not just be about sport; this should be about children having an opportunity to engage in physical activity and have a fun time. The members of Compass are specialists in this field and have significant experience and knowledge of working in primary schools with teachers.”

Ian Taylor also stated. “This investment also gives head teachers an opportunity to utilise the developing the “Register of Children’s Activity Professionals”, this is a new and independent Register which houses information on individuals working in the children’s physical activity industry. Members of the new Register deliver physical activity for children and young people in the area of multi-disciplinary games and sports, and all kinds of physical activity.”

We hope that this additional funding combined with the lasting legacy of London 2012 will inspire the next generation to take up sport and physical activity from a young age.

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