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Monday, 20 August 2012 11:54

Exam Results Helpline for GCSE results day Student advice line

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The Exam Results Helpline has handled thousands of calls since A-level results day and is bracing for another surge on GCSE results day this Thursday [August 23].

The 40 experts who make up The Exam Results Helpline on 0808 100 8000 are a lifeline for students whose grades are higher or lower than expected and need to rethink their futures.

The Exam Results Helpline, an independent and free service funded by the Department for Education, opened on August 16 and runs until August 25.

ERH advisors, who answered 11,000 calls last year, say most questions are about re-sits, re-marks, university or college courses, apprenticeships, NVQs, HNDs, diplomas, finding employment, setting up in business, moving away from home and gap years.

Each is fully trained with at least five year’s experience as a professional careers advisor. Calls are free from landlines but charges vary from mobile phones or other networks.

More information, including videos of students who did not get their grades, can be found on the Exam Results Helpline website,

Careers advisor Sarah Bull said: “The main message we are giving to students is that if you did not get the results you expected, don’t get stressed.

“Get plenty of information by talking to us, your teachers, or school careers adviser and don’t rush into anything. “Take your time before deciding what to do next.

“It is particularly important that students get good advice about the range of options available to them after GCSEs.”

Taking A-levels is not for everyone. It may be that an apprenticeship or a BTEC is a much more suitable option - giving the opportunity to gain employability skills, achieve a qualification and potentially earn a wage at the same time. The bottom line is that each student must decide what is right for them.

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