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Guidance for Parents and Carers

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Tutors Directory is unlike any other resource for helping parents and carers to find a tutor, offering you not only the option to find a tutor in any subject or tutorial method, but also independently or through a tutor agency. 

Employing a tutor directly (independently of an agency) has its advantages in that it enables you to bypass the added cost of agency fees and gives you more control over your choice of tutor first off. However, it does mean you having to do all the initial interviewing and checking yourself (although it is useful to bear in mind that not all agencies will do this for you -  for more on this topic see our handy guide, How to choose a tutor agency).

Whenever we buy in the services of others there are some simple safety steps we should always take, such as checking credentials and references. Never is this more important than when employing the services of someone who will have access to our children, such as a nanny, au pair, childminder or a tutor.

If you are considering employing a tutor for your child independently here are some general tips to help you to do so safely:

  •  It is important that both you and your child feel comfortable with the tutor, so find out as much as you can about him or her. Ask to meet for a non-obligatory interview with all involved - you, the student and the tutor. Questions you might ask could include how long they have been tutoring, whether they do so full or part time, any career breaks, about any qualifications and where and when they studied, what they enjoy about tutoring and about their success rates (although this also depends on the child!).

  • Although no central regulatory body exists for tutors, anyone seeking to work with children or vulnerable adults should have a record of their Criminal Records Bureau check (sometimes referred to as a police check). Ask if the tutor has one and request to see it.

  • Particularly if the subject you want your child to learn is academic, ask the tutor for copies of any certificates showing their qualifications (for some subjects this really is not that important and, if so, ask about experience instead).

  • You should ask for references and follow these up with a phone call, letter or email. It is a good idea to ask the tutor for contact details for any past or current clients (a good tutor would have clients who have agreed to do this beforehand).

  • During tutorials you can accompany your child to the tutor's home and ask to stay in an adjoining room, even if only for the first few sessions.

  • In the event that a tutor is unwilling to offer references or referrals, does not appear to be considerate or understanding of your concerns and you are in doubt as to his/her credibility - we would strongly advise that you seek an alternative tutor.


Further information

The above statements are for guideline purposes only and intended to help you to safely find a tutor for children and/or vulnerable students. You will find additional articles on the subject of safety and tutoring in the Parent Articles section.

If you want to know more the Criminal Records Bureau website gives in depth guidance and assistance relative to Child Protection in the United Kingdom. You can also find information about child protection issues on your local authority website - find a list of local authority contact details at DirectGov.

Please email us if you would like to make any comments or additions to this page. In particular we welcome informative links from other countries providing information for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Students. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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