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From virtual tutor programmes to tutoring centres, one to one tutoring to e-tutoring, the variety of tutoring options offered today help make the world of tutoring a much more exciting and flexible learning environment with something to suit every learning style and budget.

It can feel quite overwhelming when you are looking for extra tuition support for your child outside of school or college. Each child learns differently and has his or her own personality and preferences, and so you will want to ensure you find the support that is right for yours as quickly as possible. Tutors Directory makes it easy for you to find any type of extra tuition for your child quickly, safely and within your budget - whether you're considering a personal tutor, online tutor, tutoring centre or virtual tutor programme.

You can even use the Directory to find a tutor independently (which some parents and carers prefer when they want to have more control over the recruitment process or to bypass the extra cost for agency fees) or to find one through an agency (which others prefer as some agencies will do all the checks first before introducing the tutor to the family). If you choose to find a tutor independently please read our Notes for Parents and Carers first.

And remember, learning isn't all about academic achievement. Research by the charity Campaign for Learning shows that 85 per cent of everything your child will ever learn takes places outside of school. So use the Directory to find tutors in other subjects or hobbies, such as arts and crafts or life skills – ideal for afterschool activities or keeping the children occupied during
summertime and other school holiday breaks.

It is free to search the Directory and no registration is required.

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