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Learner Resources

Spotty Boxe’s  Insect Lore Ant Hill: For Ages 6+

£12.95,, 01962889460

ant hill

Insect Lore’s Ant Hill is a fascinating means by which children can enter the tiny world of the ant. The viewing areas in this large ant hill allow children to view the minuscule world of ants and how these little critters create a number of networking tunnels, chambers and walkways. Designed with a secure closing lock-lid and a weighed down base that is child-friendly, the ant hill can be used to engage children in science classes or biology classes. Spotty Boxes' also supply schools and parents with a wide range of other outdoor resources such as butterfly kits and wormeries that allow children of 4 years and above to witness the life cycle of insects.

 So you really want to learn science?

 £20.99,, 01580 764242

science book cover

‘So you really want to learn science?’ is designed to be used over the span of two years and is targeted at Key Stage 3 students, aged 13+ that are taking their Common Entrance exam. Written by W.R. Pickering, this book is designed to engage young children by manifesting a sense of curiosity in them. Published in 2004 and endorsed by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), ‘So you really want to learn science?’ gives children all three sciences in one book and covers the following subjects: Life and living processes, Materials and their properties, and physical processes. Furthermore, each page is illustrated very carefully and uses colours and annotations to explain processes. 

Maths Circus Act 4

£39.50,, 01271 325353

Maths Circus Act 4

If you are looking for a fun approach to developing numeracy skills, the Maths Circus Act 4 provides practice and enhancement for a wide range of maths and problem solving skills all based around a circus theme. There are twelve puzzles to play, with 120 individual tasks in total, split into two degrees of challenge, Basic and Advanced. The five Basic levels of each puzzle are designed for children in pre-school and foundation, but can also serve as an introduction for older children. The five Advanced levels are designed for children in Key Stages 1 to 3. There is a good range of levels including hard levels which will challenge children in Key Stage 3. This programme provides practice and improvement for many maths skills and assists with the development of problem solving skills. The problems involve spatial reasoning, perceiving patterns in size, order or time and manipulating a number of variables. The CD comes with an instruction booklet with hints, tips and solutions to help if you get stuck.

Multiplication Exploded

£20,, 01946 813065

Multiplication Exploded

This programme allows children to explore multiplication through the grid method and Standard Written Method. In years three and four children begin to use expanded methods to help them deal with calculations that they can’t do in their head. At this point many children are taught the grid method, which uses the mental skills and the knowledge they have been learning and help children to move, with understanding to different methods. In the grid method the sum is split into a grid to make it easier for children to solve. This programme explains how to use the grid method and gives lots of help to work out the sums. It also allows children to use the standard written method which is very similar to long multiplication, allowing both children and parents to have a thorough understanding of multiplication. Although the title is very simple it is great for children who may be struggling to understand the grid method or simply those who want a little extra practice.

 Super Spell 2 Recharged

£49,, 01271 325353

Super Spell 2

Super Spell 2 Recharged is a broad spelling package based on the development of spelling skills, which range from the ability to spell the simplest three letter words to the most complex multi-syllabic words. The programme is designed to assist children of most ages to develop their spelling skills in a self-paced and accessible manner. Students using this software will improve their spelling ability, gain confidence by using the five activities and accessing the extensive spelling bank of pre-programmed words. The programme contains the literacy strategy word lists and links to the Key Stage 2 curriculum; however you can also enter your own word lists for any subject you like. It is ideal for use at home, as it will enable parents to help improve their children's spelling, and words that are set for homework can also be easily added.

Bunja Maths Game 

£21.99,, 0845 643 0585

Bunja Maths Game

Aimed at children in Key Stages 1 to 3, this hand held maths game based on MP3 audio technology asks the user maths questions with multi choice answers from over 100 maths topics. Bunja learns from your answers and slowly increases the level of difficulty as you improve your maths. After each group of five correct answers you can enter a chapter of an interactive adventure story set in the jungles of Borneo! To hear more you need to answer another five questions. MP3 makes this a sophisticated game, and Bunja can be heard through its built in speaker or plug it into your favourite headphones!


English Practice Exercises 11+ 

£7.95,, 01580 764242

english practice book

English Practice Exercises is a book by Andrew Hammond and has also been edited by the Independent Schools Examination Board. This revision guide has been divided into three easy subjects: Comprehension, Composition, and Reading Comprehension. The book also provides a wide range of questions that are based on a case study or a story that students need to read before they answers the questions with proper sentences, grammar, and spelling. 




English – ISEB Revision Guide (Key Stage 3)

 £9.50,, 01580 764242

English Revision 2Written by Susan Elkin a qualified English teacher who has been teaching for 36 years, this revision guide provides a range of different learning skills. This guide does not base any of its material on facts that have to be memorised, instead the book builds upon the student’s pre-existing knowledge of what he/she has been taught in school. Alongside the latter, you will also find sample questions that can be used to practice answers, preparing the child for Common Entrance examinations.  Another great feature of this revision guide is that not only does it provide students with the opportunity to practice their English skill set, it also provides students with ‘How to’ articles that give some invaluable tips on how to cope with the demands of revision.

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