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Privacy Policy Statement PDF Print E-mail


Your privacy is important to us at Tutors Directory. The service we provide to you is set up to ensure that any information you share with us is used only for the purpose stated and does not leave your privacy or identity vulnerable.

This page outlines how Tutors Directory uses the information you provide when filling in our online registration forms for membership, newsletters, forums or listings. By providing this information, you enable Tutors Directory to provide you with the services that you choose. Tutors Directory will work in accordance with this privacy policy which is based on current Internet privacy practice and legislation. We appreciate that the information you provide us with is personal, therefore Tutors Directory will not divulge any of the information you share with us to a third party without your expressed consent.

Listed below are the types of information you provide to us and how we aim to protect this information:

Information received through optional/voluntary submissions:

•    Free Newsletters: To view a newsletter you must register first.  Once you do so, you will be able to subscribe to the newsletter via the newsletter tab on your profile. We use your information to email you the newsletter you have subscribed to, for the given frequency.
•    Learning Forum: To use the forum and participate in discussions, users must register first; which is free. To register you must supply an email address, a username and a password to create an account.
•    Community Link: this information is reflected in your user profile.
•    Profile – Your profile is created once your account has been activated. It allows you to view any articles you write, the monthly newsletter, your forum subscriptions, user connections, tutor listings and your contact information. Other users will be able to see only the information you choose to share with them.
•    Tutors Directory does not display personal contact details anywhere on the site, with the exception of people posting to the Tutors Wanted forum.

Use and storage of your personal information:

When you register your details and personal information with Tutors Directory, we as owners of this site have the legal obligation to ensure that your information is dealt with in the right way. By collecting this information we are also obliged to explain how we use it and why we need it. More importantly, we are required by law to inform you when and if we pass on this information to a third party.

Any information provided to us by a client or a tutor, will not be exchanged, sold, transferred or be given to any other company or third party without the consent of the client or tutor. Furthermore, information provided to Tutors Directory will only be used by Tutors Directory. Tutors Directory would divulge this information only when permitted to do so by law. However, if you post information that is deemed offensive, objectionable or slanderous anywhere on or to Tutors Directory, we may use your information to stop you from doing so. The latter may involve this information being divulged to third parties such as the police or your Internet provider.

Your personal information will be stored on our systems for as long as you use our service or when you no longer want to be registered with Tutors Directory. All personal information is held with the utmost security in agreement with the Data Protection Act 1998.


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