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Tutor Centres

Tutor Centres

Tutor centres offer tuition where your child will follow a study programme that is tailored to their particular needs.

Before being enrolled onto the programme your child will often undergo an assessment to find out where their strengths and weaknesses are. An individual lesson plan with targets will then be drawn up, which your child will be expected to complete within a period that is right for them.

Tutor centres provide for students at various educational levels to come and learn in an environment that is much like a smaller classroom. Teaching efforts tend to concentrate on the delivery and retention of information in a smaller number of subjects – usually English, mathematics and science.

This type of extra tuition is great for children who learn best in a group environment but could benefit from more individualised attention. Your child will also benefit from being in an environment where aspiration is generally high among those enrolled.

See below for a list of tutor centres. Click on the profile link for further information about the centre, where available.

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